Unjani Clinic Botshabelo

Unjani Clinic is a network of black women owned and operated primary healthcare clinics that provide accessible, affordable and quality healthcare to communities in low income areas.

It compliments the re-engineering of our healthcare system by creating community based healthcare structures at the point of need. It is an innovative model to address the inequality which exists between private and public healthcare services in our country. 

Whilst private and public hospitals and clinics exist there are too few to deal with the increasing healthcare burden and private healthcare is too expensive for the bulk of the population.

on the 11th March 2020, a new clinic was opened in Botshabelo by Sr. Elisa Konyama (Owner/Nurse) after serving for more than 10 years in public health. The clinic employs  10 people in  the community both full time and part time. 


Here is what our clients had to say about our service 
Been there several times, never experienced any harshness. All their staff members are helpful and very nice. Will recommend it if you want to be treated with respect
– Mantwa Mofeli
m actually coming back, the service is super fabulous from frontline workers to the nurses. Wow, keep up the good work guys, remain friendly.
– Princes Ney
Great clinic and very friendly staff. The sister is very courteous and the visit was very enjoyable as the clinics can be. I will definitely recommend this clinic
– Shirley Mwale
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